Starry Everything

Artist Statment

Starry Everything is an homage to Stephen Hawking and Vincent van Gogh. The work is about how may we interact with space. In the project, I created the largest space we could interact with, the universe. In addition, the flow of the universe would depend on the viewers. With these interactions, we may think about our relationship with the space and the universe beyond this gallery. Everyone has the choice to create their ideal world in front of Starry Everything. It is a discourse between art and science, a discourse between you and me. Do not let the world bring us down; look at the stars, and remain hopeful for a better future.

Year: April 2018
Programming Language: Processing | Hardware: Macintosh, Kinect, Projector
Choreography & Dance: Yilin Zhu

Final performance

Senior Art Projects Exhibition, Bowman-Penelec-Megahan Art Galleries

Iteration Process

Senior Projects (Art Exhibit) at Allegheny College